10 Aquamarine Nail Looks That Scream Mermaidcore

Of all the “-core” trends out there (and yes there are many), there’s something quite magical about mermaidcore. Whimsical and powerful creatures that rule the ocean — who doesn’t want to emulate that? There’s no better way to do that than with some aquamarine nails.

Aquamarine is a rich shade of blue-green that can be worn so many different way. Plus when you mix it with some of the most fun nail art trends (marble, velvet, French mani, etc.), it makes for a truly stunning nail art look. 

So if you’re looking for new mani inspo, consider this your new go-to guide. Below are 10 aquamarine nail looks that you need to save ASAP. Thank us later. 

Mesmerizing Velvet

Instagram @_ichicolo_

Velvet nails make for one of the dreamiest nail designs you can go for. The texture play is just so rich and pairing that with a blue-green mixture is just nail art goals all around.

Precious Stone

Instagram @amyle.nails

Give your aquamarine nails an upgrade with these stone-like details. Mix in black, white, and hints of gold metallic shimmer.

Glitter Swirls

Instagram @vivianmariewong

When it doubt, glitter it out. Add some serious shimmer to your minimal dark aquamarine swirls and French tips for a really fun nail art look. 

Fire Hot

Instagram @baylaurelnails

Opposing elements mixed together make for a killer combo. Place flame decals on top a deep blue aquamarine base for a striking contrast that will catch anyone’s eye.

Marble Finish

Instagram @sansungnails

If you’re looking for something more than just a full-coverage aquamarine shade, add a marble finish. The intricate lines of texture and depth just really elevate any shade.  

Pops of Pink

Instagram @heygreatnails

Mixing two bright and opposite colors always make for a fun nail look. Mix aquamarine curved French tips with bright pink minimal lines for a dynamic look. 

Geometric Shapes

Instagram @nails_of_la

These rounded upside-down half-moons make for striking designs on their own. But if you really want to add a “wow factor” to them, draw on a smaller similar shape in silver shimmer.

Mix & Match

Instagram @kimkimnails

Why settle on one aquamarine shade when you can have them all? Dress up each nail in different shades and switch off between the classic French mani and full coverage. 

Jeweled Out

Instagram @nailartbyqueenie

Dress up any nails with simple jewel decals. Draw on your aquamarine shade at a diagonal against a bare base to make that color really pop and place simple crystals along the edge for a nice added touch. 

Crystal Vibes

Instagram @natalieminervanails

Call in the good energy with this crystal-inspired nail look. Euphoria’s lead nail artist Natalie Minerva gave these pale blue aquamarine nails added texture to get that rock-like appearance for one of the coolest nail art to try. 

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