2022 Nail Art Trends To Glam Up With For Leo Season

Raise a toast to the most flamboyant of the zodiac signs because it’s officially Leo season. People belonging to this star sign know that they’re a big deal and move with soaring levels of confidence. Everything they choose to partake in, has to make them look or feel good or else they aren’t interested at all. They’re fashion sense is impeccably glamorous and they have a keen eye for beauty trends that make them look like stars as well. It’s a savage mindset that makes Leos one of the most attractive of the zodiac signs of the lot. In the spirit of this fiery sign’s birthday month, we’ve selected some glamm 2022 nail art designs trending this Leo season that will appeal to this zodiac’s divalicious style sense. Check them out!

7 Nail Art Trends To Watch Out For & Try Out This Leo Season

All Wrapped Up

Featuring two semi circles overlapping at the tips of the nails, this 2022 nail art design is perfect for the Leo star sign as it features a deep crimson that represents the zodiac’s fiery qualities and glitter foil that satisfies their need to always look glam.

Tortoise Shell

Here’s a luxe nail art trend that no Leo will shy away from. Animal print nails look uber chic and are not for the faint hearted. Tortoiseshell nail art is popular among many celebrities so it’s only natural that this star sign will be drawn to it as well.

Star Quality

If you’re ready to shine and get in the birthday mood, this star studded nail art design is trending and it’s both edgy and glam. A glitter French manicure is embellished with black stars, perfect for a punk rock look with a glamorous edge.

Glitter Bug

Even if acrylic nails that are long and pointy aren’t your style, you still need to feed your glam girl persona with some pzazz. Wear glitter polish in champagne hues for a truly scintillating nail art style.

Maddy Mood

These nails are iconic and worthy of gracing another icon’s hands. Caged nail art with rhinestones that was featured in the series Euphoria S2 is one of the most popular 2022 nail art designs and it definitely must be flaunted this Leo season.

Diamond Duty

Glitzy mirror decoupage nails replete with emerald rhinestones, this 2022 nail art design is too gorgeous to pass up on. Whether you’re a Leo or simply want in on that Leo energy, this nail art design is exactly what will make you shine the brightest this season.

Shell Out

Although white nail polish is trending this season, wearing plain white polish is too basic for Leos. This shell nail art trend featuring white polish and strips of orange is exactly the kind of refreshing design that will have your digits looking trendy and fresh.

Can’t get a manicure appointment? Give yourself a DIY nail art design with the help of these polishes. We recommend:

Which of these 2022 nail art trends for Leo season are you digging? Try them out now to look utterly fabulous.

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