Are you having issues with your eyesight or hearing? Get expert advice at Specsavers

When you first begin to notice that your hearing isn’t as sharp as it used to be, it’s tempting to put hearing checkups on the back burner.

he Covid-19 pandemic has dominated the last two years and many people are playing catch-up with important tests and services that they have needed for a long time.

Many people struggle with hearing loss for years before seeking help, making it harder to communicate with people and lead to social isolation. Specsavers would encourage anyone struggling with their hearing to book a test.

Outstanding ear and eye care

Well-known for its eye health services, Specsavers also delivers high-quality hearing tests and hearing services. A team of qualified audiologists, headed by Audiology Director Orla Walsh, is on hand to provide expert advice and compassionately address any customer concerns.

Specsavers opened its doors in Ireland in 1991 and has decades of experience assisting people with eye and ear health. As a trusted leader, the company strives to continually improve optometry and audiology services for all customers. By championing innovation, embracing new technology and committing to clinical best practice methods, each Specsavers store is fully equipped to deliver outstanding ear and eye care to the local community.

Free online and in-store hearing tests

Specsavers offers a free online hearing test on its website. The test is simple, rapid, and can be performed as many times as you like. Specsavers’ online hearing test can give you a good indicator as to whether or not you have hearing issues and whether you would benefit from a full test with an audiologist.

If you ever need a full ear health check and a conversation with an audiologist – or if the online hearing test results indicate a need for more in-depth assessment – the next step is to visit your local Specsavers store. Here, you will be offered a free, full hearing test and a discussion with a qualified audiologist who can help you to plan your next steps.

Hearing loss is far more widespread across society than many people realise. Admitting to yourself that your hearing isn‘t as good as it used to be, rather than simply putting up with hearing loss, is one of the most proactive steps you can take to start improving your quality of life.

Expert advice

Specsavers’ audiologists are fully trained to guide you through the process of improving your ear health and can offer advice on choosing hearing aids if needed. A wide range of digital hearing aid options are available in each store, designed to suit every budget and a wide range of hearing loss severity.

Likewise, customers visiting for an eye test will have state-of-the-art eye testing facilities available to them. This includes OCT eye scans, which help the optometrist view the eyes’ health in greater detail by allowing them to see what is going on beneath the eye’s surface. OCT scans can help detect sight-threatening conditions earlier. In fact, glaucoma can be detected up to four years earlier.*

Each Specsavers store stocks a wide range of glasses and sunglasses, which are as stylish as they are functional. Affordable designer ranges from top brands such as Vivienne Westwood, Liberty London and Marc Jacobs are available in stores, and with an extensive array of frames on display, there is an option to suit everyone’s style and budget. Staff can also offer expert advice to contact lens wearers.

Get tested

Hearing loss can happen to all of us. But no two people experience it in quite the same way. Because your hearing is unique, so is your hearing loss, which is why Specsavers recommend you get it checked every two years. If you think your hearing has changed, get in touch, as Specsavers’ audiology team can help you every step of the way.

It’s also important to have your eyes tested every two years, whether or not you notice a change in your vision. Specsavers opticians will not only check how well you can see, but also assess the overall health of your eyes and look for signs of any eye conditions that could lead to sight loss.

Mindful of the impact Covid-19 continues to have on many, Specsavers continues to follow safety procedures in store to keep customers and team members safe.

Meet the optometrist here.

Meet the audiologist here.

Or visit to learn more about all Specsavers services and to check out their free online hearing test.

*OCT scans are separate to an eye test and carry a small extra fee.

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