ARTS THREAD Shenkar 2022: Fashion Design

Above: Shenkar Fashion 2022 graduate collections 1. Tal Maslavi/ 2. Suf Solchiner/ 3. Shavit Lekach/ 4. Eliana Freiman/ 5. Dana Kuriel

ARTS THREAD takes a look at the collections from the Shenkar 2022 Fashion Design Students. 

Tal Maslavi’s collection is inspired by ASMR videos and ASMR content creators. Pieces in the collection translate ASMR sounds into a tactile language using materials such as chocolate, acrylic nails, silicone and denim.

I Do, I Do, I Do by Suf Solchiner questions why the groom’s suit in a wedding is considered less important than a bride’s wedding dress. The designer creates bespoke fabrics from scratch using different knitting techniques and the punch needle technique.

Shavit Lekach’s collection is inspired by the kibbutz that her mother grew up in during the 50s and 60s and draws from the patterns and fabrics found in the kibbutz interior.

Eliana Freiman asks questions around her own identity as a Vietnamese-born child adopted by an Israeli family. Freiman also uses the collection to understand and come to terms with the racism she was subjected to outside of her family home. Pieces in the collection make use of traditional Vietnamese weaving methods and harken back to the colours of the clothes worn by the designer in her childhood.

Empathy by Dana Kuriel is an emotional collection that asks the question: what will happen to empathy in an increasingly isolated and digital world? Using cottons, metal, mohair, silk and linen alongside synthetics such as lurex and nylon, Kuriel sculpts pieces that contain opposites such as hard and soft, transparent and opaque and hot and cold. Kuriel writes: ‘Through all of these I seek to evoke in the viewers and wearers an emotional response, to stimulate the imagination and the senses in the hope of increasing the ability to feel empathy for one another.’

Visit the Shenkar 2022 website to see all of the work by the Fashion Design graduates.

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