Cynthia Erivo’s Marvelous Maximalist Off-Duty Jewelry Style

The sighting: In a recent Instagram post captioned “Black, Back and Bejeweled. Auntie’s Day Off,” actress Cynthia Erivo shared a series of photos of herself out and about on a fun, casual day. As the caption suggests, she was magnificently bejeweled for the occasion.

The jewels: What first grabs the attention here is Erivo’s glorious necklaces. She’s wearing a chunky gold chain with a large ram pendant, a puffy white and red heart pendant that looks like it might be made of textile, a gold chain dripping with large pearls, and a smaller gold chain anchored by a Polly Wales rainbow padlock.

Don’t let the necklaces distract you from the expert level ear party that’s also happening here. Scroll through that first Instagram post and you’ll find a video with a better view of how those large diamond hoops are accentuated by a series of tiny huggies and studs that go all the way up the actress’s ear. The hoop motif is echoed by the simple septum piercing in the Erivo’s nose.

She also has a smartwatch with a green strap on one wrist and two chunky gold chain link bracelets on the other, as well as two thick gold rings on that hand’s pinky and ring finger.

The trends: Some people say the maximalist necklace layering trend is waning, but just look how chic and casually glamorous it is on Erivo here. This is a top notch neckmess in the wild! I’m itching to go put more necklaces on and I’m sitting alone in my house, writing this article.
The neckmess alone would have been a showstopper, but paired WITH those bold gold bracelets and rings and gorgeous galaxy of ear adornments? I swoon.

What do we think? Cynthia Erivo is a known jewelry lover who frequently delights me by wearing interesting things. Her earring curation is always impeccable and I’m delighted to have discovered that she layers her neckwear with just as much panache. That’s not to discount the earring magic that’s also happening here – it’s flawlessly chic and perfect for the kind of casual glamour that Erivo is serving.

I love seeing this star style her Polly Wales lock in different ways on different days – it’s clearly a favorite piece of hers. It brings me joy when celebrities spend their money on excellent jewelry, and that Polly Wales lock is extraordinarily excellent.

Judgement: 18/10 for interesting pieces combined in a gorgeous way


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