How the Lotus flower inspired a blossoming jewellery business

Luxury Australian jewellery brand, by charlotte, was born soon after a spiritual journey in Bali. With just $5,000 in savings and no experience in the industry, founder, Charlotte Blakeney shares more about her journey.

“My vision for by charlotte came to life on a spiritual journey in the mountains of Ubud surrounded by lotus flowers. The meaning of the Lotus resonated deeply with me; beginning its life at the bottom of a pond, the Lotus slowly rises, bursting out of the water into a beautiful blossom.  I wanted to create a wearable reminder that beauty can emerge from even the darkest of places, and so began the two-year process of designing our iconic Lotus Necklace,” she told Retailbiz in a recent interview.

As demand for the necklace steadily increased, it became clear that there was a huge gap in the jewellery market for pieces that carry a deeper meaning. “My mission remains to fill this gap with beautiful jewels that connect my intention to that of the wearer.”  

Having spent two decades working as a fashion and celebrity makeup artist, Blakeney had a strong network of stylists who used the jewels in fashion editorials and on celebrities.

“The breakthrough moment occurred when I brought the first necklace to an editorial photoshoot featuring supermodel, Rosie Huntington-Whitely, where the necklace earned a spotlight on the cover of Harper’s BAZAAR,” she said.

“From here, demand soared, catapulting the brand’s recognition in the Australian jewellery market. Social media fuelled this growth, offering global exposure and a platform to narrate our jewellery’s story.”

In 2019,by charlotte’s Sydney flagship boutique was opened in a pink corner terrace on William Street in Paddington.

“Just last year, we marked a significant milestone by introducing a Piercing Studio, adding an exciting dimension to the in-store experience. We also launched our first lab-grown diamond collection, representing a new chapter in our commitment to sustainability,” Blakeney said.

“I am particularly proud that amid this tangible success, we have stayed true to our brand ethos and core values. We have built a culture that supports its staff through growth and change, rewards kindness, and encourages creativity and collaboration.” 

In 2024,by charlotte anticipates opening more of its own boutiques around Australia, as well as hosting several pop-ups to bring the brand closer to more online customers.

“Our focus is on creating highly experiential touchpoints for customers to immerse themselves in the magic of the brand. We will also be expanding our lab-grown diamond assortment, continuing to offer affordable luxury to our customers,” Blakeney said.

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