My manicure was NOTHING like what I wanted but when I spoke up the nail tech didn’t care – it’s divided people

SOME people have a hard time speaking up when a nail artist is doing something they don’t like.

When one girl spoke up about not loving her manicure, she received backlash from not only her nail tech but others as well.

Macy Jane stood up for herself at the nail salon when the nail tech wasn't doing what she had asked for


Macy Jane stood up for herself at the nail salon when the nail tech wasn’t doing what she had asked forCredit: TikTok
This was what Macy wanted


This was what Macy wantedCredit: TikTok

Interrupting a nail technician to tell them that your nails don’t look how you wanted them to is a common fear.

Whether it’s been an hour or thirty minutes there never does feel like a good time to interrupt their work.

TikTok mom Macy Jane decided she was going to do herself a favor and speak up when her nail design started to go south.

She posted a″>video relaying how that went and let’s just say it had more than just the nail tech bothered.

I got a dip powder manicure - people say my <a href=nails are the worst they’ve ever seen” width=”295″ height=”188″ src=”″/>
I got a vacation manicure - it was so bad people thought my toddler painted them

Macy’s inspiration was a picture of long almond-shaped nails.

Each hand had three hot pink nails and two with little neon flowers all over them.

But what she got was a bit different.

Macy’s nails turned out coffin-shaped and only one nail on each hand had two flowers painted on them.

“I actually stood up for myself and said it wasn’t what I wanted and the nail tech literally said “suck it up & let me do my job,” Macy explains.

This video elicited almost 2,000 comments.

Viewers were split: some thought that Macy shouldn’t have even paid, while others didn’t understand why she was complaining.

“You shouldn’t have paid for that because what the heck is his problem,” one person commented.

A frustrated viewer commented: “Sis that’s why I stand up anyways and leave without paying. You aren’t chained there.”

“It’s much better than what u asked for,” another commenter argued, while one person pointed out: “Y’all need to calm down a bit, she has a right to be upset, it wasn’t what she wanted. I mean at least it’s kinda cute.”

Although the debate about which nail design was better continued throughout the entirety of the comments section, most agreed what mattered was that she didn’t get what she wanted.

Her nails ended up looking very different than what she wanted


Her nails ended up looking very different than what she wantedCredit: TikTok

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