NBA style power rankings: Jordan Clarkson and his fashionable looks off the court

Utah Jazz guard Jordan Clarkson is averaging a career-high 20.9 points per game this season. He’s thriving on the court and putting together elite pregame outfits off it.

Clarkson has one of the best senses of style in the NBA, and this week we’ll break down some of his best fits thus far this season.

Let’s get to it.

This is probably one of the more relaxed fits from Clarkson this season, but even his casualness is more impressive than a lot of people’s business casual.

He’s essentially head to toe in Cherry apparel minus the black Vans. Also, check out his watch and bracelet. He had elite accessories for this outfit.

Clarkson’s coat drew me in. The washed look creates shades of lighter and darker gray. The dark gray works well with his darker shirt and black hat.

The baggy cargo pants are a must for Clarkson at all times.

I understand some may not be interested in rocking a shirt with their own name on it, much less with a skull representation of themselves. But I, for one, love it. This perfectly encapsulates Clarkson’s confidence and belief in himself.

The blue flames, font and skull combine to kind of remind me of Nicolas Cage’s “The Punisher.” And let’s be real: For Clarkson to have the same hairstyle as the skull on his shirt is pretty cool.

Surprisingly, Clarkson brought in the new year differently than he had appeared for most of the season. Rather than the baggy looks we’ve become accustomed to, he went with the red leather Supreme bone pants and a jersey that’s a bit more form-fitting.

Clarkson matched the red in his pants with the small streak of red on his shoulder. He completed his fit with black Vans and a white Goyard duffel bag.

I have yet to see a nicer vest than this one Clarkson has been wearing all season. The orange, the tan pockets and the way he styled it with a white long-sleeve are impeccable. He also matched the vest with low Syracuse Nike Dunks.

And if you haven’t had your fix of bagginess yet, take a look at the pants here and prepare for what’s to come.

Not sure if Clarkson has any Calgary ties, but he pulled off this Flames jersey with ease. Part of what makes his style so consistent is that he’s dedicated to his baggy clothes. Opting for khaki cargo pants just as baggy as his jersey gives a slight illusion that Clarkson isn’t 6 feet 5 and 194 pounds.

He threw on the classic all-white Air Force 1s and likely the biggest, most iced-out Jesus piece we’ve seen all season. Notice we also got a rare show of emotion from Clarkson, who is generally more stoic on these pregame tunnel walks.

There’s a lot to appreciate about this fit, but I have to start with the obvious: the bucket hat. Clarkson’s multicolored bucket hat is sure to cause some conflicting opinions, but I see the vision in matching with his Takashi Murakami multicolored belt.

Next, we’ve got the Canadian tuxedo, otherwise known as denim on denim, which is once again baggy because we know how Clarkson rolls. And if you’re into cars the way I am, you can appreciate the BMW E30 on his shirt.

Bucket-hat Clarkson makes his return, this time with a striped-blue version and a sweater to match. Assuming Clarkson found these two and is wearing his scarf under the bucket, this is a new look.

The best part of this fit is his Louis Vuitton pants. They have small Louis logos scattered throughout with “Louis” in a green-and-pink graffiti font.

His Carhartt jacket completes the fit, as it doesn’t take any focus away from his pants or hat. This is a high-quality fit from a high-quality bucket-getter.

2. Jan. 18 vs. Los Angeles Clippers

Clarkson had the Calgary jersey earlier in these rankings. I’m now wondering if he’s just a hockey fan in general. He has as many NHL logos on this white letterman as he could fit.

We’re also noticing a trend with his bucket hats. This one is woven with green and white. He has on burgundy Nike Dunks, which work because, in theory, this jacket can go with any of the several colors found on it. Lastly, he has a couple of rings to add some jewelry to the fit.

1. Feb. 6 vs. Dallas Mavericks

Don’t worry — if you’ve never seen sweatpants like these, you’re not alone. It looks as though whoever designed them cut various sweats and put them together the way they saw fit. You can even see a string from a pair of sweats hanging near Clarkson’s right pocket.

With pants as unique as these, all he needed to do was throw on a white T-shirt, a black leather jacket and a hat. The way Clarkson pulled this all together makes this my favorite fit of his this season.

(Photo: Kate Frese / NBAE via Getty Images)

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