“New $et” An Ode To Megan Thee Stallion’s Nails

If it’s one thing about the H-Town Hottie, it’s that she ALWAYS has a fresh nail set. She draws her inspiration from literally all over. From anime cartoons to festive times of the year, she is always going to give the girls what they need. We are so enthralled by her choice of nail designs, naturally we had to honor them. Here are some of Meg’s best nail sets.

Light Up $et

This is the latest look in the “new $et” saga. During the rapper’s recent trip to Tokyo, she decided to honor the bright lights that can be seen in the country, and throw them on her nails. As she traveled around to view several exhibits, her nails seemed to be a part of the creation itself!

Tattoo $et

Meg’s nail artist, Coca, is really THAT girl. The “Cognac Queen” rapper said she was feeling an old school tattoo parlor vibe and that’s exactly what she got. From the lucky dice to the heart that’s says “mom,” she knew she was giving us first tattoo vibes.

Blue Gem $et

This set was to match her and her crew’s performance costumes while on tour, stopping in Baltimore for the Preakness Live festival. The 3D aspect takes the design to a brand new level. Adding light and prism elements to make her finger nails shine from miles away.

Invader Zim $et

Now, Meg is a 90’s baby and if there’s one thing us 90’s babies hold near and dear to our heart is our childhood cartoons. The Invader Zim set unlocked a memory that I’m sure many of us forgot we had.

Spooky $et

With “spooky szn” around the corner, of course we have to talk about Meg’s spooky $et. The excitement around Halloween and the general fall season extends down to the nails, baby! The Ghostface on the nails along with a bit of blood gives us the creepy vibes we need to take on Halloween.

Demon Slayer $et

And finally, we have the Demon Slayer $et. To know Meg, is to know she sure loves her anime. She actually just performed on stage in a Sailor Moon costume to pay homage to one of her favorite cartoons. She also calls herself Todoroki Tina when she has her half blonde-half red wig on. Her love for anime reaches lengths that some of us just can’t quite comprehend. But the girls who get it, get it and the girls who don’t, don’t.

We can’t wait to see the rest of the $ets that Meg pulls out for the end of the year. She sure knows how to keep us on our toes— maybe even our fingernails too.

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