The Best Nail Trends Around the World in 2022

Although England’s weather is known to be gloomy and unpredictable at times, the London nail forecast is looking extra sunny this year. “There are an array of bold brights and muted pastel colors during the summer months,” says London-based celebrity nail artist, Sabrina Gayle. “2022 has brought an amazing use of 3D embellishment and textured nails too.”

And it doesn’t stop there. Artists are throwing it back and have a few nostalgic designs up their sleeves. “My favorite designs that I’ve seen are the more psychedelic and playful use of colors—where there is a mixture of trippy ’60s mushrooms and ’90s happy face rave designs. Nail artists are painting these free hand and/or with a blend of nail decals and optical illusion-style bases. Super cool!” 

For any nail looks she creates, Gayle likes to use gel-X extensions since, like press on nails, they’re light and flexible. Plus, they feel a lot more natural than acrylics. “There are many brands that have introduced gel extensions at different price ranges from Aprés Gel-X Extentions to the Beetles Gel Kit,” she adds. “They’re simple to remove just like a gel manicure and the system allows your nails to maintain their healthy and natural state.”

In terms of brushes for her designs, she loves using Savita Liner Brushes or Beetles Nail Art Liner Brushes. “I tend to lean towards my old and trusty liner brush that I have had for over 10 years which comes with a little bottle filled with acetone and a handle (my comfort zone). I illustrate, blend, and dot with this one incredible little brush.” Take a peak at Gayle’s favorite polishes and tools to create these looks below.

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