The Queen’s style staples will go down in fashion history

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style=”background-color:initial”>Queen Elizabeth II, Britain’s longest-reigning monarch in history and head of state for 70 years, has died at the age of 96. Her Majesty passed away peacefully at Balmoral Castle on Thursday.

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Great Britain is in mourning as we remember this incredibly special lady.

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One of the many things the mother-of-four will be remembered for is her cutting-edge fashion choices. Throughout her years on the throne, she wore a plethora of incredible outfits in a variety of fabulous colours.

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But when it came to her accessories, Her Majesty had a few that she was rarely seen without and what’s more, they were classic items that could be worn no matter the era. Keep scrolling to find out what they were…

Launer London handbag

Queen Elizabeth II was forever loyal to her favourite handbag brand, Launer London. The upmarket company has been supplying the royal family with leather goods since 1968 and even holds a royal warrant. The brand quickly became synonymous with the monarch and her trusty handbags have become an iconic symbol of her royal style.

Her trademark boxy-shaped bag in black by the brand was always carried on the royal’s left arm and was favoured by her as is compact enough to not get in the way when she greeted people, but large enough to hold everything she needed.


Many women may worry they wouldn’t be able to pull off a headscarf perfectly, but they should look to The Queen for inspiration as she always looked incredible in hers. Always made from silk and tied with her perfect bow under her chin, they packed a powerful punch and she wore them in many designer prints, from Hermès to Burberry. And she didn’t just wear them in old age; she rocked them in the 40s, 60s, and 80s too!

Horsebit loafers

Think the Gucci horsebit loafers worn by the fashion elite are amazing? The Queen wore this style long before influencers realised what they were. Her Majesty wore the same style of shoes for over five decades and they were handmade by London-based company Anello & Davide. Apparently, she had a whopping ten pairs on rotation at once. They were made from calf leather and moulded from a cast of the Queen’s foot for maximum comfort.


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Wherever the Queen went, she always wore a pair of beautiful gloves when she met dignitaries, charities and well-wishers. Her gloves were always made by the luxury fashion house Cornelia James.

HELLO! spoke to Genevieve James, daughter of the late Cornelia James, who runs the company, and she said: “The Queen wears gloves all the time because she likes to and she’s the queen. They are part of her integral style and she’s iconic. Also, she wears gloves because she’s shaking a lot of hands. I think they protect her hands. Primarily, she wears gloves because it’s her style. I can guarantee whenever she’s out and about, she’s always got one pair in her handbag as well in case she loses them.”

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The Queen had an extensive collection of jewellery, but none can be more iconic than her pearls. Her Majesty was well known for always wearing her three-strand pearl necklaces. It’s thought that the monarch saw her trusty pearls as part of her official royal ‘uniform’ – she wore them throughout her life. Pearls are majorly fashionable as they are a classic addition to any jewellery box and you always see them on the runways of Chanel, no matter what season.

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