Vancouver teens tackle the fashion industry with stylish startup

Started by two pairs of sisters, In The Coeur offers a selection of new and used clothing curated with the aim of achieving the ultimate “Gen-Z look.”

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Four Vancouver teens are tackling the fashion industry with their startup In The Coeur.

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Started by two pairs of sisters, the small business offers a selection of new and used clothing curated with the aim of achieving the ultimate “Gen-Z look.” We caught up with co-founder Aru Thiagarajah to learn more.

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Q: For those who aren’t familiar, what is In The Coeur?

A: In The Coeur is an online clothing business based in Vancouver delivering an every day Gen Z look.

Q: What makes it unique? 

A: In The Coeur is a teenager-led business in an adult-dominated industry. Our brand was founded by four people including myself, my sister Ara Thiagarajah, Lindsay Park, and her sister Leah Park. Lindsay and Ara are 16, and born in 2006. Leah and I are 14, and born in 2008.

Another unique aspect of our brand is that we have what we call our Resale Line. We find old clothes that are unused to lightly used and re-sell them. This is the sustainability aspect of our business.

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Q: Is there a story behind the name? 

A: We used the French word coeur, meaning heart, as part of our name because it sounds like the word core in English. This way, In The Coeur can be interpreted as In The Heart, or as In The Core. This word play also has a dual meaning to it. For the first meaning of core, it signifies what one of our brand’s goals which is to express the “core” of youth. The second meaning of heart is referring to giving to other people from our hearts through donating to charities with profits that we make. As part of the privileged youth, we want to be able to help other children who aren’t as fortunate as we get to be.

Q: Who is your target demographic? 

A: Our target demographic is majority Gen Z, but we also consider younger Millennials as our target audience. Our clothes generally come off as feminine and are targeted toward women, but they are not limited to just women.

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Q: Is there a hero product in the range? If so, which one and what makes it so popular? 

A: Our hero product is our ITC Lounge Sweatpants Navy. Although they are casual everyday sweatpants, they are more versatile than your average pair. Our sweatpants have elastic bottoms that can tighten or loosen depending on the look the wearer wants. We also have our own designs on it, ITC on the front, and COEUR on the back of the sweatpants.

Q: What is the price range for your pieces?

A: Our price range is very accessible. Our cheapest items start at $6 and our most expensive is $68. However, they generally fall around $30 to $60.

Q: And where can people check them out? 

A: Our official site


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