We’re Obsessed With This Jewelry Organizer That’s Literally the Size of a Clutch

Raise your hand if you’ve ever been personally victimized by a mess of tangled jewelry when you’re rushing out the hotel room door to start your travel adventures. Yep, probably most of us. As so many of us know, the proper equipment is the key to a successful travel experience. Here’s the good news: a good travel jewelry organizer will prevent these dreaded messes and protect all your precious pieces. The bad news: there are a lot of options for jewelry cases.

As with most things in life, not every jewelry organizer is right for everyone. Evaluate your collection and what you most often reach for when traveling before you purchase anything. Do you gravitate toward just a handful of studded earrings but love statement necklaces? Then make it a priority to find an organizer that’s vertically-oriented with clasped necklace loops and elastic security bands. Or, on the flipside, if you prefer your dangly earrings but could forgo most necklaces, then opt for a case with a large earring grid. And if you’re just trying to save the most space as possible while not leaving your favorite pieces at home, not to worry: there are tons of options available to you.

There are a few features you’ll want to familiarize yourself with before you start shopping for a travel jewelry organizer:

  • Necklace loops—these are small tabs that you loop a necklace onto and let it hang down. They can come with a security clasp as well as elastic bands and elastic pouches to keep them in place to avoid tangling.
  • Earring grid—this small panel has holes for you to pierce your earrings through and store them conveniently.
  • Ring cushion—small cylindrical pillows bunched together make this cushion a secure spot to stash your rings.
  • Ring band—this band usually has one or both sides clasped, so you can unclasp and slip your rings onto it for a secure hold.
  • Zippered pouches—these are ideal for storing bracelets, but they can also work well for earrings and rings if your organizer doesn’t have a grid, cushion, or band. We don’t recommend storing necklaces in pouches due to the potential for tangling.

And, with that, you’ve got everything you need to get shopping. Your organized travels await!

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