Women should invest in men too

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ONE of the hardest things for a man to do is support a woman’s dreams then have her turn around and say thanks, but no thanks. Thanks for helping me get my degree or whatever, but no thanks, I’ve evolved and don’t need you as my partner anymore.

People will say that women are allowed to grow and change their minds, but no one thinks about the investment these men have made, and how much of a loss they have to bear once the investment falls through.

What if the situation were reversed and a man expected to be a woman’s investment? Heck, I wouldn’t mind having a woman pay my tuition, give me a clothing and housing allowance, pay for my barber and skin care services, and pay for my car to be detailed. I wouldn‘t mind having a woman to call when I get a flat tyre, or when my car needs to be topped up with oil, or when I need to get to the airport, or when I need to de-stress for the weekend, and an AirBnB sounds good. Why can’t men get the same treatment that women do? Why must the investment be one-sided?

I have a suggestion for women: In the same way that a man will see a woman struggling and invest in her by taking her to work, getting gas for her car, paying her college tuition, sending her to the salon weekly, and clearing her Shein cart, women should do the same. Men want to feel valid, valued, and validated too, and like they’re worth the investment of not just a woman’s time, but her resources as well.

The 50/50 talk should not just be applied for one gender as all marginalised groups, including men, should benefit. Let’s go half and half in every area of our lives, if we are truly to say that we have evolved as a people and are making in-ways into stemming the gender issues that have plagued the sexes for ages.

I’m looking forward to a day when, as a man, I can look on my outfit, my apartment, my ride, and the grocery in my refrigerator and declare, “She appreciates me,” about the girlfriend who has hooked me up. I want to fill my cart on ASOS, and have my woman whip out her credit card in a grand love gesture. And I, too, want to be at work hustling on Valentine’s Day and get a call from reception that there’s a hot singing telegram in the lobby waiting to thrill me with song.

Love shouldn’t be one-sided, it should be all for one and one for all, two peas in a pod, and the two of us in this thing together, forever and equally.

Jevaughnie Smith is a second-year communications student. Send feedback to allwoman@jamaicaobserver.com.

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